Natasha Halevi is an award-winning director recognized for her female focused and genre work. Her films have screened at acclaimed festivals including Fantastic Fest and FrightFest Glasgow. In 2019 she won the Director's Prize for Overall Cinematic Achievement from FilmQuest for her work in the anthology Fatale Collective: Bleed. Also in 2019, her all-female horror short Beauty Juice won the Atlanta Horror Film Festival Audience Choice Award and screened internationally. In March of 2020, her sci-fi micro-series After Ray premiered at the Philip K. Dick Film Festival and will be available on DUST in 2021. Her webseries Lunch Break Feminist Club won Best Series and Best Ensemble Cast from HVFF in 2015.


As an actress, Halevi has been a featured guest and panelist at San Diego ComicCon, Dragoncon and Stan Lee's Comic-Con for her role in Troma’s B.C. Butcher which also put her on the IMDb list of "TROMETTES! Sexiest Women in Troma Films." She takes pride in her weird b-movie horror roots and will always carry some of that in her work.