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About Me

You already know a little about my filmmaking, so, here's some more insight about who I really am:


I was born in Ventura, California and could basically swim before I could walk - I love the ocean. I graduated from the University of California, Davis with a B.S. in Biology and a B.A. in Dramatic Art. (I also was a Master of Architecture candidate, but that's a whole other story.) Through college I was a whitewater rafting, sea kayaking and rock climbing guide and spent summers as a ranger, like, a real honest-to-god National Park Ranger, and researcher in Yosemite. My focus was fire ecology and I was "red carded" aka qualified as a wildland firefighter.


When I say I'm a rock climber, I'm not kidding, I've climbed El Cap, have slept on many a portaledge and am probably lucky I haven't been struck by lightning. I used to spend summers living out of my car and climbing - it's a whole subculture. (Someday I want to make that film.) I started climbing over 20 years ago, which is insane to think about!


Before my first day of college, I landed a job at a local TV studio and worked part time all 4 years of college starting as a camera operator and floor manager and working my way up to directing live TV as well as becoming the first student producer.

After college I moved to Boulder, Colorado for a summer of rock climbing but loved it so much that I stayed for my entire 20s!  I parlayed my biology degree into working in sustainable design and architecture, where I helped over 2 dozen buildings achieve LEED certification, had a very nerdy green building radio show, and helped create a training program to design Zero Net Energy buildings.

I currently reside in Los Angeles (and sometimes Atlanta) with my husband, Sean Gunn, and our two cats.



 "Like the Power Rangers of the genre, individually these women are incredible and powerful voices that are a force to be reckoned with. Together, the Megazord of horror, they are unstoppable."

 - Ryan Larson, Rue Morgue

". . . the women of Fatale Collective wisely came together like a bloody, badass, glamorous Voltron and turned their collection of six micro-shorts into a mini-event that had Fantastic Fest attendees buzzing."

- Phil Nobile Jr., Fangoria

". . . frankly, it’s stunning work. This will make you excited for the future of horror, which is clearly in very competent hands."

- Ghastly Grinning


"Natasha Halevi’s “Boxed” was my initial favorite, though I’ve discovered it is nearly impossible to stop thinking about any single Bleed story. . . But, lo, if you think you know where this story is going, believe me, you don’t." 

Katelyn Nelson, Killer Horror


FANGORIA Exclusive: You Need to See 'Fatale Collective Bleed'

RUE MORGUE Sinister Seven: Who Rules the World? An Interview with Fatale Collective

KILLER HORROR 'Fatale Collective Presents: Bleed' Spotlights Women’s Horror

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HAMMERTOENAIL A Conversation With The Fatale Collective (BLEED) at Fantastic Fest



". . . BEAUTY JUICE really hits the spot when it comes to the craft - there’s zero filler, the writing by Natasha Halevi is tight and sharp, not a shot is wasted, the editing is perfect and everything is perfectly wound right to deliver this growing sense of unease."

- Jesse Miller, More Horror

"This is a fun little short with some fantastic staging. The room of Beauty Juice looks ripped from a bordello from the 30s as a record player crackles as it plays soft jazz."

- Terry Mesnard, Gayly Dreadful


GAYLY DREADFUL Chattanooga Film Festival Beauty Juice Review



"The show, developed by [Natasha] Halevi and Rebekah Alexander, discusses 'feminist topics in a quirky and ironic way through the eyes of a haphazard and wildly inappropriate feminist club.'"

-Davis Enterprise

DAVIS ENTERPRISE UCD grad’s web series wins two festival awards

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